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Your Healthy Family: #NoShaveNovember Men's health quiz part 1

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Dr. Ian Tullberg admits men generally do not tend to their health needs as well as women. Dr. Ian Tullberg admits men generally do not tend to their health needs as well as women.

Dr. Ian Tullberg, is the Urgent Care Medical Director with UCHealth Memorial who in honor of #NoShaveNovember and to raise awareness of men's health, admits men generally do not tend to their health needs as well as women.  "We just don't, for some odd reason. Only about 50% of men actually see a doctor on a regular basis for check-ups or lab work.  Sometimes we are lazy, other times and we make up this excuse or that but no excuse is worth dying early for."

To break down some of the major health issues men should be aware of, Dr. Tullberg put together a quiz to see just how much you know about the biggest health issues men need to be aware of.

What is the leading cause of death for men?

A. Stroke

B. Diabetes

C. Cancer

D. Suicide

E. Heart disease

The answer is E, Heart disease.  Dr Tullberg says “Heart disease is the number one killer of males and females.  There are many things you can do about it like lowering cholesterol,  lowering blood pressure, those things have been shown to be very instrumental in decreasing the rate of death from heart disease.  And if you don't have heart disease if you lower those things you can also decrease heart disease itself."

What the leading cause of cancer death for men?

A. Prostate cancer

B. Colorectal cancer

C. Lung cancer

D. Skin cancer

The answer is C, Lung disease.  Dr. Tullberg adds "Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer for men and women.  The biggest cause of lung cancer is smoking.  If you’re a male who smokes you have a 23 times higher chance of developing lung cancer, if you’re a woman it's about 10 times higher.  Lung cancer affects men horribly and not only men but others you may be around.  If you’re smoking around kids, if you’re smoking in the car you just need to stop it.  You will make yourself as well as other around you healthier."

What are some major signs of stroke?

A. Facial drooping

B. Slurred speech

C. Arm weakness

D. Confusion

The answer is all of the above.  Dr. Tullberg says "Big signs of stroke are facial drooping, also  slurred speech.  If you can't hold your arms up if they are drifting a bit those are huge signs.  If all the sudden you just don't have your normal state of mind, if you start getting really confused you need to be seen right away.  When it comes to stroke you only have a limited amount of time to be seen by a physician so we can do some interventional medicine to get that taken care of for you.”

There are more questions with Dr. Tullberg coming in part 2 of our Men’s Health Quiz.

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