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Your Healthy Family: Benefits of weighing your portions for a week

What can you get out of weighing your food portions? What can you get out of weighing your food portions?

This is our final story, in a series of healthy living advice from Dr. Karl Kuzis with UCHealth Memorial.  We began in January in an effort to help out anyone working on a new year’s resolution to be healthier.  Over the last 3 months, Dr. Kuzis has detailed, why it's so important to be at or near your ideal body weight, why it's important to know and be aware of your eating habits and patterns, how to stay off the weight loss roller coaster, how to prioritize and manage fitness and weight loss, and to not judge your habits too quickly.  When it comes to knowing your eating habits Dr. Kuzis already told us that there is great power in writing down what you eat even in simple and general details like small, medium, or large portion size and when you ate, and perhaps most importantly why you ate.  That's where Dr Kuzis drills down in this last story, and says when it comes to tracking what you eat, true success lies in the details.

"The nutritional mechanics of how someone eats is one of the places people will jump to right away.  There are a lot of resources out there to help you stay accountable and learn portion size, calorie count, portion size, and distribution of carb fat and protein."

If you want to do that kind of detailed tracking yourself, weighing and measuring food at every meal is essential.  However, it can become a real hassle for most of us as a lifestyle.  Dr. Kuzis says weighing and measuring food portions, even for just a couple of weeks can have many benefits.

“If you are doing it (weighing food) as a spot check, you need to be very very accurate.  You  have to track nutrition information, preferably with an app because it's easier than writing them down.  There are plenty of free apps out there.  If someone doesn't learn the skill initially and very accurately of how big 4 oz of meat is, then we will all make the assumption that we know what it 4 oz is, and we can all be wrong.  You won't know the skills until you practice it and get good at it.  You need to get yourself a scale, make a commitment that every meal you serve up at home, you will weigh and measure the portions.  This isn’t to judge yourself or make changes, but to understand.  If you do this over the course of 2 weeks, you will have those skills, and then you're confident, so when you go to a restaurant, you know what 4 oz of meat looks like, you know what the right portion size of a vegetable, and weather you change or not is up to you, but you can log it and be accurate."

To review all of the healthy living topics from Dr. Kuzis, see the links below.  Together they offer some great insights to your personal health.

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