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Your Healthy Family: Avoiding falls on snow and ice


With the first good snow falls already in the books it's a good time to talk about the most common injury Dr. Ian Tullberg sees at the UCHealth Urgent Care through the winter, and they are related to falls on snow and ice that are especially hard one one part of the body.

Dr. Ian Tullberg says, “One of the biggest things is tailbone injuries you slip you fall you can't catch yourself you fall right on the butt, they usually don't result in a problem.  They bruise you a little bit and they will make it difficult to sit.  Usually there are no fractures but we do see those and they can become a surgical issue if they are too dislocated.  A little slip on the ice can cost you a trip to the operating room."

According to Dr. Tullberg, one the ways to avoid falls and injuries is being prepared ahead of time.  "Make sure you have rubber soles It grips better than anything else, the problem is nothing grips on ice, it's ice so get some trackers on your feet some spikes try to get rid of the ice.  Have your shovel ahead of time, make sure you have the sand, gravel, ice melt, have it in your car, wonderful to have it there too you want to be prepared ahead of time."

And if you do take a fall how do you know when you need to get it checked? Dr. Tullberg says It all comes down to the pain and how long it lasts.  "If it persists you want to get checked, if it hurts substantially you want to get checked.  It's going to hurt for a few minutes really bad but as long as things ease up.  We have all had bruises we have all been banged up from time to time so if anything is out of the ordinary it's way too painful or if it's not getting better in a couple of days come get it checked.  Go to your primary care, go to urgent care, but it's a good idea to get it checked out possible x-rayed to be on the safe side."

This week when things are warming up it's the perfect time to make sure you are prepared for the next round of snow.

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