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Your Healthy Family: How to enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving meal in moderation


If your looking to not go crazy calorie wise on Thanksgiving, we have a few simple tips and strategies that can help.  During the holidays, between Thanksgiving and New Years, the average American will gain between 6 and 16 pounds.  Thanksgiving is generally the busiest eating day of the year, when hen the average American will consume around 4,500 calories, and 229 grams of fat.  That's nearly 3 days worth of food.

Dayna Zdenahlik is a Weight Loss Coach with Metabolic Research Center in Colorado Springs offers these simple steps to help you keep things in moderation.

"Some simple things we can do to get through thanksgiving is one stay hydrated.  Drinking 64 ounces of water, getting those 8 glasses will keep you hydrated and fuller throughout the day,  and then we make better choices and we feel fuller."

Also Dayna says don't skip meals to save up for the big feast.  Eat a regular breakfast and lunch.  If you're going to someone's house think about bring a veggie tray for an appetizer.

"That way you can snack on healthy vegetables leading to the meal.  Also, go with white meat turkey vs. the dark meat turkey to really save on grams of fat.  Make one trip, just one serving of each of your favorites, and avoid going back for seconds that will really save calories."

If you're the one doing the cooking it can be hard not to be full by the time you serve the meal, which means you have already consumed extra calories before you sit down.

"All of those little nibbles can really add up.  They can be the same amount of calories as a regular day's meal.  A quick tip for cooks out there is to stick a piece of gum in your mouth while you're cooking, that way it will prevent you from doing so much nibbling."

Finally, if you don't want that New Year's weight gain shocker from the scale, Dayna recommends weighing yourself twice a week and writing it down to keep yourself accountable for what’s going on.  

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