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Your Healthy Family: Sleeping comfortably away from home


If you are lucky you can sleep comfortably wherever you lay your head.  On this busy travel holiday when many of us will be sleeping away from home, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep when you’re not in your own bed.  

Dr. Christina Cairns with Colorado Springs Sleep Apnea and Snoring Solutions says sleeping restfully away from home is a problem for a few reasons.  

"It's been long noted by sleep therapists that do sleep studies in hospitals that ambient light, changes in temperature, changes in the amount of light that comes in a room, sheets, pillows, those can all make a difference.  It makes one half of the brain remain alert at night rather than shutting down and doing what it can to regenerate and get your brain ready for the next day.  That will alter your quality of sleep because of the newness, or the change in the (sleeping)  environment.”

Dr. Cairns says the best way to help your body and mind deal with a new sleeping environment is to bring some things with you from your regular sleeping environment.  Also try to make the room you're sleeping in very dark.

"Some suggest you bring an eye mask, or bring your own pillow cases or sheets.  You can control the amount of light in the room, by hanging dark garbage bags over that seem that always seems to show up between the room darkening curtains.  Lower the temperature (in the room)  to 68 or 70 degrees.  Keep it cool, whatever is most like home."

Another tip, as much as you can keep your bedtime routine.  If you take a shower before bed at home, try to take a shower before bed wherever you are staying.  

Here's to happy travels for Thanksgiving and hopefully you can be thankful for a good night rest wherever you lay your head.

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