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Your Healthy Family: Don't let Halloween candy ruin your kids' teeth


Avoiding the extra sugary calories around the house after Halloween is not only an issue for your waistline, but it can also be an issue for your teeth, and your kids’ pearly whites. Besides being a dentist,  Dr. Fred Guerra with Guerra Dental in Colorado Springs has dealt with Halloween candy as a parent.  

"I had 3 kids who would pride themselves on who could bring home the most candy, and they would sort through it all."

After all the candy has been collected, some families may try budgeting the amount of candy a kid can eat per day, to protect a child’s overall health and their teeth.  Some parents simply let their kids go for it until all the candy is gone and let the kids self-govern.  No matter how your family does it, there are some simple ways to make try and protect your kids teeth, says Dr. Guerra.  

"What we want to think about is not so much the amount, but the frequency.  If the child is snacking on candy all day long, that frequency is what causes the problem.  If, for example, at an extreme they would eat 10 candy bars and then go brush their teeth immediately, that’s not a big issue other than how their stomach might feel."

Dr. Guerra adds that when it comes to managing your child’s dental health year around, and at Halloween,

the key is to have a plan you discuss with your kids and then making sure they follow that plan.

“I think when a parent is in that mode of Halloween and they see what their children have brought home that they just have to go through a protocol of knowing that they are going to binge a little on chocolate.  That type of issue is best handled by the parent giving some guidelines and if you’re going to have a couple of candy bars you are going to go brush your teeth right after.”

Brushing and flossing after every meal is always best, and morning and night at the very least is recommended along with cleanings twice a year at the dentist.  If you have any questions follow up with your dentist.

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