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Your Healthy Family: Local mom gives birth to spontaneous triplets


It's surprising enough for many couples when they find out they're expecting. Imagine doctors telling you you're going to have three! 
The odds of naturally occurring triplets: 1 in 8,000.
One local family feels blessed to be part of this rare club.. 
"I feel like we were picked for a reason -- so super happy," said Chelsea Makel. 
Hailey, Hannah and Malcom are just days old.
"Every time we come, they're just so peaceful, they just look so sweet," said Chelsea. 
Chelsea and Adrian Makel are overwhelmed with joy, but admit the news initially came as a shock.
"He was just looking at me and I'm looking at the screen and his face still wouldn't change and I'm like, stop looking like that, I'm already freaking out can you just say something," said Chelsea. 
It quickly doubled their family size.
"We have two girls and one boy so now we're adding two girls and one boy -- so I told them they'll each have their own baby buddy to help take care of," she said.  
Six kids, six and under, but it doesn't seem to phase these two proud parents. 
"I feel super blessed," said Chelsea. 
"I love my kids, love these kids already," added Adrian. 
A twin herself, Chelsea's prepared for the challenge.
The amount of diapers alone for these little ones is overwhelming!  
"They said the average newborn goes through about 8-10 a day for the first few months or so and maybe like 6-8 after that for the first year. And for all three of them it totaled to over 10,000, just for the first year!" Chelsea said. 
Her doctor, Dr. Amie Hollard, specializes in high-risk pregnancies.
She delivered the spontaneous triplets at Memorial Hospital.
She says they're all doing fantastic. 
"Most babies (multiples) arrive before 32 weeks gestation. Chelsea did great because she went to 34 weeks," said Dr. Hollard. 
"She always had a smile on her face even when she wasn't feeling well, she never complained," added Dr. Hollard. 
While the parents now wait to bring them all home, the Makels also look to what's ahead.
"For them to all just love each other and take care of each other," added Chelsea. 
It will be several weeks before the babies can go home.
The family is going to need a bigger car, house, a lot of diapers.
To help click here: https://www.gofundme.com/makeltriplets2016

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