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Interim HealthCare Hospice

Interim HealthCare Hospice is a compassionate, patient-centered approach to medical care and support for people who are at their end-of-life and their families.  It is based on a philosophy of improving the quality of life when quantity of time is limited. Hospice offices provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to patients and those who love and care for them.

Partnering with hospitals, nursing homes and community based organizations, Interim Hospices meet the specific needs of terminally ill individuals and their families. Interim provides care most frequently in patients’ homes however, care can also be provided in nursing homes and senior living residences including independent and assisted living.

Interim HealthCare Hospices believe that each person has the right to die pain-free and with dignity.  And they also bellieve that loved ones deserve the necessary support to allow them to do so in whatever setting they consider their home.

If a patient needs care beyond what is provided at home, Interim Hospices have relationships with local hospitals and other facilities. If there is a crisis which must be addressed Interim supports the individual and his or her family as they transition back to their home. Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

man helps with braceMany therapies can be provided at home to speed recovery from illness, injury or surgery, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Home based therapy allows individuals to develop independence with daily activities in a convenient and comfortable setting.  Families are also able to be closely involved in the rehabilitation process.

Therapy plays an important role in helping an individual regain productivity and independence and therapists are often a critical part of the health care team.

Physical Therapy (PT) Helps Regain Function

Whether the individual’s problem is a result of injury or disease, the role of a physical therapist is to help him or her return to maximal function. Physical therapists also work with individuals to prevent loss of mobility by developing fitness- and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.

Physical therapy may be applicable for someone experiencing:

    A loss of balance
    A fall
    Difficulty walking
    Joint pain
    Back pain

    Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery
    A stroke
    Heart Failure
    A heart attack
    Any noticeable decline in function

Occupational Therapy Helps with Everyday Activities

Occupational Therapy focuses on an individual’s ability to perform the broad range of everyday life activities. OT promotes independence by improving the skills required to perform these activities and/or teaching alternative ways to accomplish them.

A physician’s referral is required in order to receive OT. Based on a thorough evaluation, the therapist will create a customized treatment plan designed to improve skills and maximize functional abilities based on priorities and personal goals. The therapist will consider a person’s physical, psychological, and social well-being, as well as environmental factors when developing a plan of care and treatment.

Occupational therapy helps individuals regain day to day skills such as dressing and feeding.   It may be applicable after:

    Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery
    A stroke
    Heart Failure
    A heart attack
    Joint pain in hands, arms or shoulders
    Difficulty dressing
    Difficulty bathing
    Difficulty with meals
    Declining memory
    Any noticeable decline in function

Speech and Language Therapy Helps Regain Independence

Speech and language therapy helps individuals improve breathing, speaking, or swallowing functioning. Speech therapy focuses other ability to understand words and the ability to use words to express yourself. Speech therapists may help individuals who suffer from:

    A stroke
    A heart attack
    Difficulty swallowing
    Difficulty speaking

Interim HealthCare Staffing

The challenges of staffing, particularly in the health care industry, have become much more complex. Health care facilities, governmental agencies, schools, prisons and other organizations have a growing need for qualified health care staff. At the same time, employees are looking for more flexibility and control of their careers. Interim HealthCare has become a leader in the development of a supplemental workforce that provides a great solution for the employer while meeting the needs of the employee.

Staffing Employment Opportunities

Interim HealthCare is an excellent choice for those who are looking for employment or looking for staff. The success of Interim’s locally owned and operated franchises is based on their ability to recruit the best professionals and their responsiveness to the needs of the community.  Interim's  franchise owners and their staff build long standing relationships in the community. They own their business and they care about their reputation and longevity in the local market.  This benefits both the health care professionals looking for employment and organizations interested in temporary personnel.

Medical Staffing Services

From extended block contracts, per diem shifts, to temporary to direct hire, local Interim offices employ patient care attendants, nurses and other healthcare professionals with a variety of different skill sets. If there is a need for a nurse to fill the gap in a high level specialty unit within a hospital, physician office, school, long term facility or clinic, Interim can provide the appropriate staff. Interim's medical staffing services offer nurses and other health care professionals job flexibility to meet their individual needs while achieving a high level of value for each customer.

Interim Personnel Services

Interim understands the importance of meeting the unique and complex staffing challenges faced by healthcare service providers.  Through Interim Personnel Services, the need for medical receptionists, medical secretaries, medical assistants, call center staff and others can be met.

For those interested in the variety of staffing career opportunities offered by Interim through more than 300 franchise locations or to make an employment connection today, please visit www.careersbyweb.com.

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